Welcome to Heidi Wong Design

Welcome to my portfolio site. If you have found this site my hope is that you are wanting to see what kind of work I do. Basically I am a web designer. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Art with an emphasis on drawing and painting. I went to school when web design and graphic design were new and I didn’t know how much I would love designing for the web.  I believe my background in art helps me to be creative and to think beyond the usual website design. I love to give my clients the exactly what they want when it comes to their website design and function. I love the challenge of coding a site to make it function at its best and the ability to use my creativity to make it look nice too. I want my clients to be happy and to feel like I am listening to what they are telling me they want. I can design and redesign my own website if I feel the need to. I don’t need to make their websites be my own.