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Taking an Old Site and Making it New

One of the things that I love most about my job is taking an old site and making it look new again. I recently had the chance to take a very old but very fancy site that belongs to the Harrison High School Orchestra and take it from a flash site with shiny moving graphics to a clean, modern site built on WordPress. The site had not been updated for at least two years from what I could tell and operated from one page of html that had a navigation menu that just took you to different places on the html page. It was a simple site but still loaded slow and had broken links and other elements. This is what the site looked like:


This is what the new site looks like:

Harrison Orchestra New Website Design
A huge difference but it didn’t take very long to make these changes. We used template from the WordPress website, added images, updated content, and made it functional and relevant to what the Orchestra used their site for. We wanted it to be a good resource for the students to find out about fundraising, their calendar, have a blog to talk about their performances and more. We are about to put the site live this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I hope the students love it too! This seems to be a really talented group of some pretty great kids and I am excited that my son gets to be a part of it.