Hello, I’m Heidi!

Hi! My Name is Heidi Wong. I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. I have lived in many places, two foreign countries,  while I have been married to my wonderful husband of 17 years. We have four boys, which is still a shock to me since I am the youngest of three girls. I adore my boys and I have been blessed to have been able to stay home with them while they were young. They are funny, rambunctious, loving, cuddly, stinky, loud and wonderful boys! I wouldn’t change a thing about being their mom. I am so thankful for each one of them and their individual gifts.
My family
Now, I am starting something for me. That is why I decided to become a web designer. I decided that I needed a hobby for me. These boys are growing up fast! I thought it was important for them to see that their mom had some workable skills. To see the importance of getting an education to meet your goals. I couldn’t design a thing before I went back to school at night for Multi-Media Design. It was also exciting to come back and show them what I had worked on while I was away from them at school. I also needed a way to put my creativity to work. You can only do so many Pinterest projects before your family starts making a joke about it.

I am fairly new to web design. I have only been working on it for a couple of years but I love it! I love how web design is constantly changing and growing. I love researching how to make things run and work on the websites and the new technology used to achieve the final product. I love that web design is a challenge and that no two sites are exactly the same.

I love creating a website that exceeds the expectations of my clients. A website that makes them proud to tell their customers it exists and is a good tool for their customers to use. I realize that my clients have a picture in their minds about how they want their website to look and it is my job to make that picture become the best reality possible. I promise I will keep working until I get it right.